The Way We Work

Internal Communications project
for Aster Group Ltd
The brief

We’ve looked at how Aster Communities and Synergy Housing are governed within the Aster Group.
After much deliberation Aster launched the Way We work project at the Board Conference in 2014.
This is a comprehensive look at the way in which we can work efficiently as a business, now and in the future.

Digital Media

As the world changes, we must change too.
We’ll harness the opportunities of technology so everyone’s connected in the right way at the right time.
We’ll have greater choice and control over where we work and be more productive as a result.
We’ll make changes to how we support our customers to further enhance our efficiency. We’ll let our people decide how best to do their work, so it’s a natural part of their life.
The Way We Work is not just an action plan, but a philosophy for our future.

Pre Launch

Grasping the issues of technology and modern working practices, the project is focused on four main themes:
People, places, planet and performance.
Monthly newsletters, screensavers and infographics were created by the design department to inform colleagues about any updates and changes that may effect their work environment.

Lync project

Lync enables your users to connect in new ways and to stay connected, regardless of their physical location.
Microsoft Lync allows Aster colleagues to use various different ways to communicate in a simple user interface.

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