Collaboration Software project
for Aster Group Ltd
The brief

To inform and educate colleges at aster group about the introduction of new social/ business media to try to get people to stop sending multiple emails group wide.
Yammer is business collaboration software created by Microsoft to be used internally as a conduit for all staff, primary for direct business communication but also to be used for more social activities.

First stage

Linking Yammers logo and branding with asters existing style, for this we looked at our own brand and how we could use it alongside Yammers.
We created a new Aster/Yammer logo to be used on all materials relating to this project. Utilising the colour profiles of both Aster's and Microsoft's. The second stage involved creating the style for all the accompanying documentation including leaflets on how to best use yammer effectively for staff and management.

Pre Launch

To build up interest in the project a teaser screen-saver was placed on all the office computers within the group by the internal IT department.
This was deployed just before the Christmas/ new year break to maximise the amount of colleague intrigue.

Post Launch

Launch with screen savers including follow up screen savers to prompt colleagues who had not signed up to create a profile.

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